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Wednesday, March 28 2012
MJVI/BCWE has been involved in the construction and operations of the Peru Bible College for many years now and it’s always a thrill to bring an update of what is happening. Also very exciting is the fact that a new website has been implemented to keep you informed on the three major ministries in Peru that we partner with. The Peru Bible College, the Jacob Hunter Christian School and the TV Station Channel 33 Arequipa. The website is at the end of this article and will have frequent news and information about the ministry there.
Classes started back at the Bible College last Tuesday March 20th with 14 new students for the fall semester. Its fall south of the equator even though there are not many trees in Arequipa. There are 23 students living on the campus and 43 total studying for the gospel ministry. You may remember the graduation of six men last December as they completed their four years of study. Those men will be working as full time pastors, missionaries or preachers in their churches.
The strategic nature of this college goes beyond South America as its graduates also serve in America, Morocco, Burkina Faso West Africa and are studying to go to other countries as well. Spanish is also among the world’s most used languages. Around 329 million people speak it as their native language is 44 countries. Graduates from the college are also trained in language acquisition to work in countries where Spanish is not the primary language.
For more information on the work in Peru, go to The Peru Ministry Website
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Saturday, February 18 2012
If you aren’t looking for this West African nation, you will have trouble finding it. The airline attendant that helped us at the kiosk on the way out of Atlanta had to ask where it was. It’s a nation of approximately 16 million people that speak French and other tribal languages. 
Keith Shumaker: The mission work of Keith and Rebecca Shumaker is in its 6th year in Burkina and is seeing great results.  The best way to measure them is by looking at the caliber of men he is training in the Bible College and the churches.   The response to the gospel is visible in the changes that have taken place in so many lives.
Bible College: The Bible College will have seven graduates this year that have completed their four year studies and are already pastoring or working in leadership positions in their churches. Konaté, Salif, Simón, Giblert, Tali, Mamadou and Rogé will be graduating. The Bible college building is approximately 70% complete and also houses the church at Cissin.
·         Pastor Konaté leads the church at Cissin is currently planning a new church plant in Kaya, a city to the northeast of Ouagadougou. This church has its own land and building.
·         Pastor Tali leads the church at Tingandogo, a suburb of Ouagadougou. This church is meeting in a smaller building but will soon finish its new building on the property and will move services there.
·         Pastor Salif leads the church at the village of Roungou. This village is northeast of Ouagadougou where the people speak Mooré.
·         Pastor Mamadou leads the church at Saonré. This church has land and buildings but must get its final paperwork complete on the land title.
·         Pastor Zachary leads the church at Bassinko, a suburb of Ougadougou. The church has a large tract of land, a church building and a house for the pastor.
New Churches Planned:
·         Pissila is a city close to the village of Roungou.
·         Koudougou is a city about 80 miles west of Ouagadougou.
·         Kaya is half way between Roungu and Ouagadougou.
Partners in the mission: Contact David Lundy at to find out how you can make a trip to Burkina Faso, or help out with the work there. Also go to to contact Keith Shumaker.
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Sunday, December 04 2011
The 2011 graduating class of the Peru Bible (called a promotion in Spanish) chose to name their promotion “Jonathan Edwards.” This great preacher of the early 1700s was one of the catalysts of the great awakening and revival fires.  Six men graduated from the four year college in Arequipa Peru that has been training men and sending them around Peru and also other continents since the early 1990s. 
These six graduates will go back to work with their pastors and will soon be taking major roles in their churches as well as starting new churches. The sword is the Valedictorian award for the college. It signifies superior effort and results in studies as well as his personal testimony and spirituality.   

The Peru Bible College offers a full four year on campus education and specialized training for missions and ministry. Most of its alumni are church planting missionaries, pastors and professors at the college. See the Joint Ventures page for more information.

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Friday, December 02 2011
By; Crutchfield and McLeod Grant
This book highlights the six practices of high impact non-profits. It’s worth the weed and read if you don’t need info on government grants and you have no intention of becoming an advocacy group, but want to get your nonprofit focused on effective strategies.   Putting forces in motion for good and not just putting forth effort toward good causes creates sustained momentum. For the non government funded advocacy groups, this is worthwhile;
·         Harness market forces and get businesses on board with the mission.   Create meaningful experiences for donors.
·         Outsiders and volunteers can become evangelists for the cause if cultivated properly.
·         Build your network and your knowledge base. As you build your knowledge base, share it with other nonprofits.
The energies of a nonprofit are volunteers, donors and passions. Getting them focused and active on the mission requires cultivation. Sustaining the motion means the story stays told, the evangelists spread the word and the donor get high impact returns. 
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Saturday, August 06 2011

I have made two trips to Santiago Chile to stay with Jason and Lori Holt at their home in the Maipú region of Santiago.  They are church planting missionaries that are utilizing a strong mission church and Bible college to train men for the ministry.   They use a combination of course work and hands on training to prepare the men for the ministry.  The second stage of the work involves discipleship and the formation of a church congregation in a strategic portion of the city.   MJVI is actively supporting the effort to purchase church land in growing areas knowing that men will be trained and congregations formed in the future.  Why is this good strategy?

It is proactive:  A ministry that plans ahead to this level is expecting growth and is planning for it

 It’s ahead of the market:  As a community or area of a city grows and improves its property values go up.  Raising funds ahead of the specific need and buying property before its price escalates is leverage

Its buying power:  If cash is king then we should run with kings and not with debt.  A cash buyer is powerful and usually gets a better deal.

It attracts supporters:  I support plans that make sense and most of the business and career people I work around do the same

 The land in Chile project is found under JV Opportunities.  Support the fund then go visit the work.


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Wednesday, July 20 2011

That’s what you may say to an intruder in your house at 2:00 a.m., right after you get the baseball bat or the gun out of the shoebox.  What kind of answer are you expecting?  Now ask yourself both of those questions.  What is the answer?  I ask people those questions often with predictable results.  They don’t know who or what.  Quite frankly, I had not asked myself those questions before I read the book “Eat That Frog!” by Brian Tracy.  Two blogs, two book recommendations.  It’s a streak. 

 The answers to these questions are the nuclear codes of clarity.

  • Who I am determines where I fit.  Square pegs and round holes don’t work any better in 2011 than they ever have.   Figuring out who I am releases me from the prison of having to always try to be the last person I spoke to that I thought had it all put together or worse, the person that others think I should be.  May the Lord deliver us from need for the affirmation of others to feel like we make a difference.  Knowing who you are is liberating. 


  • Who I am is the base metal for determining what my goals should be.  Real goals, ones that I pursue daily because they feed who I am.  Not goals that live on a list but never make it to “the list.”  The to-do list.  Imagine living a life in which you move closer to your goals every day and it happens on purpose and nothing important goes lacking.  Consider how different you would feel if you woke up knowing who you are and that your day will be filled with doing what you want.


  • Finally, this is not about who you want to be – that is called a goal.   Goals are not those lists of things we keep copying to new lists but never do.  Those are called “unimportant things.”  If they were really important, we would be doing them.  Right now our goal is only to store them so that we don’t forget them.  Whatever that is worth.  Goals are the offspring of knowing what I want and what I want being fueled by who I am.

I am looking for volunteers to do this exercise and tell me how it turned out.

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