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Sunday, December 04 2011
The 2011 graduating class of the Peru Bible (called a promotion in Spanish) chose to name their promotion “Jonathan Edwards.” This great preacher of the early 1700s was one of the catalysts of the great awakening and revival fires.  Six men graduated from the four year college in Arequipa Peru that has been training men and sending them around Peru and also other continents since the early 1990s. 
These six graduates will go back to work with their pastors and will soon be taking major roles in their churches as well as starting new churches. The sword is the Valedictorian award for the college. It signifies superior effort and results in studies as well as his personal testimony and spirituality.   

The Peru Bible College offers a full four year on campus education and specialized training for missions and ministry. Most of its alumni are church planting missionaries, pastors and professors at the college. See the Joint Ventures page for more information.

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Saturday, October 08 2011
Spanish is among the world’s most used languages. Around 329 million people speak it as their native language and geographically it is spoken in 44 countries. Here in America, the chance that you will run into a Spanish speaking person is high. If you live in the Southeast or Southwest, it is likely that you will interact with a native Spanish speaker or bilingual (Spanish/English) person daily. Here are some reasons to learn Spanish.
·         A large part of the world opens up to you both geographically and culturally. Travel to Latin America is as fun as it gets. Traveling there and understanding the language and culture makes it that much better.
·         Companies pay more for bilingual employees that are proficient in the language. You want to jump way ahead of the herd that is after the job you want. Put “bilingual English/Spanish” on your resume. Trust me on that one.  
·         You will learn more about your native language (which I presume is English) and how to communicate well by learning Spanish than you ever thought possible.
How is the best way to learn Spanish? Go to and review the website. Select the course orientation tab and follow the instructions.   Spanish Power is a course that will give you the best grammatical training so that you speak well and know you are speaking well. The best part about the training is that it involves a personal native speaking tutor that you will never meet in person, but speak with on the phone each week. This is essential to learning the language well enough to use with proficiency. Skip over any program on the internet you see that says learn Spanish in 10 days, or anything that does not include interaction with a human, native speaker. Recordings or videos are not the same. After you develop a level of proficiency, then find ways to put it to use so you can develop your abilities. 
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