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Wednesday, July 04 2012
How to take a class, how to read a paragraph, how to study and learn a discipline. What a great idea for a book series. Drs. Elder and Paul beat me to it though and have put together a series of short books on very practical methodologies for studying and learning called "The Thinkers Guide to - ". Having taught classes on many subjects and for many hours, I always told my students that the only thing worse than sitting in a classroom for 16 weeks, was doing it and not learning anything. Learning of course, being distinguishable from “passing.”
These are practical, well written, and concise guides to how to “get things” out of a paragraph you read or how to identify the “system” of thinking embedded in different subjects.  Students will learn if they are interested, and their interest can be stimulated if they feel like they are getting something.   Key thoughts from several of the books include;
·         All subjects represent a systematic way of thinking.
·         Thinking and learning is not driven by answers but by questions.
·         All academic fields have their own system of logic or meanings. To learn the field is to learn the system. There is an inherent unity in the subject that ties all the learning together.
My favorite was the Thinker’s Guide on How to Read a Paragraph. Who would have a thought to write a book on that? Anyone who has ever read a paragraph, saw all the words, but was a hundred miles away in their mind should read this. These are short, cheap and will hand out lasting benefits. I have made these part of my “go to” manuals on how to get the most out of the subjects I am studying.
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