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Saturday, August 27 2011
Interpersonal communication is a skill worth developing. You can be a social gorilla behind a computer screen or document your every mood change 140 characters at a time, but face to face is still how business gets closed, and networking personal capital is produced and cultivated. Conversationally Speaking by Alan Garner should sit on the nightstand next to How to Make Friends and Influence People. It is the guidebook on how to promote quality conversation and increase personal effectiveness. Here are some big rocks from the book.
·         Learn how to ask open ended questions that promote conversation and better yet, give you control to guide the conversation and take advantage of “free information” that comes from the answer.
·         Delivering “honest positives” in the form of compliments of someone’s behavior, appearance or possessions has a wonderful affect on a conversation. Find out how to take these and use them to deal with negative situations without feeling awkward.  
·         Learn to listen and take a genuine interest in the person you are speaking with. Nothing endears like genuine interest. My story is the most interesting to me, and yours is to you. I shouldn’t miss yours trying to interject mine. Great conversationalists are genuine interested listeners. Faked interest is a huge turn off and stinks like road kill. Genuine interest requires humility.
·         Some situations have a level of anxiety that can be calmed simply by eliminating labels and self defeating thoughts. Read the section on catastrophizing. (my spell checker says it’s not a word but you will recognize it when you read the chapter)
Awkwardness is advancing to epidemic levels since our relationships have moved to cyberspace. Don’t lose hope though; humans will interact face to face again one day. When that day comes, you can be ready by reading Conversationally Speaking by Alan Garner. 
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Saturday, August 06 2011

I have made two trips to Santiago Chile to stay with Jason and Lori Holt at their home in the Maipú region of Santiago.  They are church planting missionaries that are utilizing a strong mission church and Bible college to train men for the ministry.   They use a combination of course work and hands on training to prepare the men for the ministry.  The second stage of the work involves discipleship and the formation of a church congregation in a strategic portion of the city.   MJVI is actively supporting the effort to purchase church land in growing areas knowing that men will be trained and congregations formed in the future.  Why is this good strategy?

It is proactive:  A ministry that plans ahead to this level is expecting growth and is planning for it

 It’s ahead of the market:  As a community or area of a city grows and improves its property values go up.  Raising funds ahead of the specific need and buying property before its price escalates is leverage

Its buying power:  If cash is king then we should run with kings and not with debt.  A cash buyer is powerful and usually gets a better deal.

It attracts supporters:  I support plans that make sense and most of the business and career people I work around do the same

 The land in Chile project is found under JV Opportunities.  Support the fund then go visit the work.


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Saturday, August 06 2011
You can now subscribe to have the MJVI blog delivered to your inbox through the amazing technology of Feedburner.  Go to and just enter your email address in the box.  Then enjoy the blogs.
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Monday, August 01 2011

Make it Loud


I launched this website about one month ago with the help of John Lehmberg at Make it Loud, Inc.   John did my business website but he was hired for that project by a marketing agency so I didn’t get a chance to work directly with him.   For this web design interview process, I put together the Mission Joint Venture International story.   That’s when John and I found that we shared missions and world evangelism as the reason behind our business.  More than that John knew how to tell the MJVI story well.


Since I get such great feedback on this site, I thought it appropriate spotlight John’s company.


·         MJVI needed to provide scalability so that it can expand easily as Joint Venture opportunities are added.  It also needed to have some user friendly interface because the talented staff at Make It Loud Inc. handed this off to a web Neanderthal like me.  (Did you see my last site? – ok then)


·         I like working with people that understand my goals and what I am trying to accomplish.  I asked for graphics and banners that communicated the message.  I love my logo and artwork.  The young lady that worked on that has the most wonderful personal goals.  She sent me four great logos, all of which would have worked great and she made it look easy.


·         I also like working with people that can sense when I have run out of anxiety pills and am ready to be done, but not just be done to be done.  John and his team wrapped up all the final details the same way they started the project.  They left nothing unbuckled or untied.


John and Make it Loud, Inc. are on my team permanently.  They care, they have incredible talent, they respond.  Essentials to get through the web creation process to get your message out.


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